Leesa Donner Modeling Portfolio

This section of my blog is for my modeling portfolio.  Here are a few of my accomplishments modeling in Second Life. 

  1.  Graduate of CoF Modeling Academy: Mentor is Glitter Bolissima: Ms. VR  International 2009
  2.  House of Beningborough Weeks 1, 2 and 4 for Oct. 2009 and November 2009 and Finalist for November 2009.
  3. Gray Show, by SilverStar Modeling Agency
  4. Christmas show 2009 by Silverstar Modeling Agency
    I am first model in this video in the sweater and scarf:
  5. Pre-Finalist for Face of Alatiel Fashions  2010
  6. Pre-Finalist for Face of Beningborough 2010
  7. Musashi-Do Fashion Show Anniversary with SilverStar Models
  8. Top 20 and placed in top 10 for Face of Beningborough 2010
  9. Print ad for Azul in VR Magazine February 2010
  10. Finalist for Mr & Mrs. VR International, placing 4th of 8
  11. Print ad for Truthball April 2010  Issue of BOSL Magazine.
  12. Graduate of MVW Academy.
  13. Make it Work Finalist and 2nd Runner Up  May 2010.
  14. Hired by Opium Fashion Agency.
  15. Semi-finalist for Avenue Look 2011 for October, November, and December 2010
  16. Semi-finalist for Face of  Beningborough September 2010
  17. Semi-finals for Kings & Queens November 2011
  18. Finalist for Face of Beningborough 2011
  19. 2nd Runner up for Face of Beningborough
  20. CA Look for Avenue Couture January and February 2011 semi-finalist.
  21. Print ad for SilverStar agency.
  22. Winner for March Avenue Couture Look 2011 semi-finals.


Face Shots

My look for MVW Tryouts


New Gown for Azul.


Mashup outfit for Avenue show.


Another look for the Avenue Contest.
Avant gard look for Avenue.
This look was for the Avenue contest.
This look was for Avenues contest.


This look was for Bliss Couture contest.

Leesa with faceshot for Miss Bliss Couture 2011.


Leesa, shot by Kierstrider Photography

Body Shots

My MVW tryout gown.


Beautiful New Gown from Azul in my blog for Opium
Mashup outfit for Avenue Show.
From Avenue Magazine April 2011

From Avenue Magazine April 2011

My Avenue contest look.


My look for Avenue contest.
My look for Bliss Couture.
A look for the Avenue contest.
A look for the Avenue contest.

Leesa with September entry to Miss Bliss Couture.
Leesa wearing Morea.
Leesa wearing Azul Camelia Rouge

Leesa wearing Meghindo’s Icon.


 Leesa wearing OC Gold River

Casual Shots

Bathing Suit

Leesa wearing Laqrokis Tasha skin, W&Y Agata#2, and Aoharu BT FLower Swimsuit and Shirt

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