All Things Truthball


Truthball from from Gamefrequency is one of the most thought provoking, informative games you can play with groups or with your partner. It moves getting-to-know-you into a whole new arena. Truthball wastes no time cutting to the chase and asking questions you would NEVER DARE ask someone, but WISH you could.


Do you want a more successful date? Do you really want to understand what makes them tick, play Truthball. Do you want a party that goes on for hours as your friends reveal things about themselves you never dreamed they would talk about? Buy Truthball.

Do you need a beautiful, expensive looking, quality gift that WOWs your recipient, look no further. Buy Truthball.

What You Get
When you buy Truthball it comes with over 300 questions inside from four category types. Another two question packs are available for an additional price. More questions will be coming out to keep Truthball alive and fresh, and you can “roll your own.” That’s right, Truthball let’s you write your own questions and drop them inside.

Just Type QL in local chat to play. This pops the menu! Enjoy the game!!!



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