Getting on my cyber with Aleutia Nova Jacket

Recently, I visited Aleutia and I fell in love with the Nova Jacket. Next, my job was to assemble an outfit that works. I think it is intended to expose breasts, but since I am so innocent, I decided to cover up using a tank top from Happy Undead. Layering outfits using mesh is a challenge. A lot of times the clothes fit so well you cannot slip a top underneath. I finally settled with a tattoo type top.


Next, I added some of the best pants I have EVER experienced. Blueberry recently released these Gracie pants and they come in many textures, metals, with or without the most amazing boots, and don’t do what I did and buy one, but buy the fat pack. Why? Because you get all the options and the ability to change the metals, which is very desirable when you need to.


I had the amazing black pants but the zipper was gold, so I needed the ability to change to silver. The fat pack comes with special HUDs they do not tell you about so pony up the  extra money and you will be all set. The boots kick butt. They have jeweled heels and with the fat pack you can color the jewels the way you want as well. If you have a mesh body, these fit perfectly. What I like best is how the boots and pants are one…I love the look.

Since I was in a cyber frame of mind with the Nova Jacket, I headed over to Neurolab to add to my cyber accessory collection. I had the belt and the heart, so I added the ears.

Set for an adventure, I stepped into my Second Life time machine and fast forwarded 50 years to 2067 and landed on the sim The Fallen…what I found was shocking.

I am not sure exactly what happened to our world but when I landed in The Fallen, it became immediately obvious to me that something very devastating has happened to our planet. Almost no human life forms are found in the location except the occasional wanderer. The town is desolate and in ruins and no signs of the original inhabitants exist. I wander the city for over an hour in disbelief. 33366135256_566bf6cdb1_z

The entire sim was littered with abandoned cars and and disarray.


In its day, this town was a happy place and even included an amusement park.


There is street after street of abandoned buildings and overgrown plants.


The grass was as tall as my knees and trees where growing where paved streets once were.

After a while, I stumbled into what once was a green house and inside were some surprises, like butterflies and some lovely objects. I could not help but wonder where these things came from.


In a place full of such ruin, I found beauty and fancy. I decided to rest my weary feet and take a nap on this moon. The sweet fragrance of the wispy white flowers at my feet were intoxicating, but in a good fragrant way.

Next, when I awoke I was hungry, strangely enough there was a table set. Who was it for?


Mmm, the food was delicious and I was hungry. The best part was the amazing wine…come join me…you will be glad you did.



Jacket |  Aleutia – Nova Jacket

TANK TOP | Happy Undead – Second Life Marketplace




SHOES and Pants  |  BLUEBERRY – Gracie Pants – Maitreya


SKIN  | Skinnery

MESH HEAD | Lelutka – Simone Bento Head ~2.6

BODY | Maitreya –  Lara and custom Leesa shape

HAIR | Lelutka – EMELI

Second Life SLURLS




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