Showing off my Stripes

Spring is in the air and I have had fun shopping. I decided to style up this 2017 stripe inspired dress from !GO!. Standing around my beach I decided to go out and see if Straylight was still around.



Straylight is a retail vendor for landscaping and their sim used to be one of my favorite places to go explore a volcano and do a deep dive from a very high waterfall. They make some of the best trees and other beautiful landscaping objects…so I decided to step out and take a look.

I know it is hard to hold back the paparazzi when I am out and about, but I managed to escape them this time.


I am often found wandering SL on my own. I love to find the most beautiful photo locations in SL. Many of which have come and gone. But Staylight is still here, thankfully. It has changed, but is still lovely.


While wandering Straylight, I could be found striking a pose here or there. It is hard to be me sometimes.


The most pleasant surprise of the day came when I discovered the sim next to Staylight. It has some tall ships, which are fun and probably the most amazing castle I have ever seen in Second Life.

I wandered through a gate, and struck a pose near a creek. My lovely heels from Pure Poison gleamed a lovely yellow and still looked pristine even though I was tromping through the woods. Just amazing.


As I continued to wander, I tepidly turned the corner and wondered who might be at the castle. I turned to make sure no one was following me as I climbed the path to the amazing castle.



Everything seemed okay, so tahdah! I struck another pose! This image is looking up into the castle. It feels so good to be me!



And this an image is looking from the castle back outside. No one is following me, so I continue to see what may lay behind the gate.



The gate only stays open a few moments. Then I was inside. There are times like this I wish I was frolicking in the castle with a friend, but alas, it was just me, myself and I…


Needless to say, the castle is a huge mesh build. If you are curious about it, I suggest you follow the link and explore this beautiful sim.

I think this castle would make the most amazing live music venue and social gathering place..but that is for someone richer than me. My modeling may be amazing but I don’t make the big bucks you might think to affords such a place.

There is another smaller building that can be used as a normal size home. I was amazed with the textures. I took some time to try out some of the chairs and peek out the windows. All in all, it was an amazing morning exploring yet another incredible two sims.



DRESS | !Go!– Hela Dress

ACCESSORY | ZAARA – ZC : Pallav amber bracelets

ACCESSORY | ZAARA – ZC : Kaya malachite bracelet gold L

ACCESSORY | ZAARA – ZC : Kaya malachite necklace + black gold

SHOES |  PURE POISON –Shelby Sandals – Maitreya



SKIN  | Skinnery

MESH HEAD | Lelutka – Simone Bento Head ~2.6

BODY | Maitreya –  Lara and custom Leesa shape

HAIR | Dela – Lorena

Second Life SLURLS

Straylight Botanical

Quality Medieval and Castle Furniture




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