Quest for Gold. . .

Some people run marathons, others play golf…lately…or in the last year or so my quest has been to be one of the top names in modeling. Today, the event is Avenue Couture Look 2011…a contest to pick the face of the fashion house for 2011. In SL terms, it is prestigious and I have worked very hard to get into finals. This is my second try. I consider it an honor to get this far, and to get to finals would be wonderful.

Last week, I was in the semi-finals for Kings & Queens. I did not pass through, but I still feel successful and will try again. Some weeks before it was House of Beningborough and I was in the top 10 of last years finals and I was new.

The event is now over. I did not win again…I am pretty tired. I had a pose HUD failure last night that kept me up very late. I was left scrambling in a tizzy to cobble together tools that worked on short order on too little sleep. I know I looked fabulous…feedback this time was on runway and theatrics…theatrics I have not done much of or considered. In a way I am a runway purist. I need some rest before I pick myself up again and keep on with the race. Here are links to my look for this month.

I would be lying now if I did not admit to being disappointed this round.


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